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Droid Does: LG Socialite for Android

So, what’s one of the most popular things people do with their Android devices? Or smartphones in general? They use Facebook and Twitter. Android has been graced with only one real Facebook app, the official one-which leaves a lot to be desired. However, we have an INSANE amount of Twitter apps (a dozen plus!) available in the Market.

How does LG Socialite for Android differ from the pack? It COMBINES Facebook and Twitter into one easy to use, easy to see, easy to navigate full-screen widget. Check out a couple of screenshots here, and more after the break!

Facebook Home Tab
[LG Sociallite Facebook home tab]
Twitter Home Tab
[LG Sociallite Twitter home tab]

LG Socialite for Android

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 2..98 MB
  • Category: Social Networking
  • Price: Free
  • Link to download: [Download Via MegaUpload] [NOTE: Not Available in Android Market]

So, just a quick background. LG just launched their first Android handset on Verizon Wireless, the Ally. One of the most unique features was an app called “Socialite”, which combined your Facebook and Twitter into one easy to use app/widget. Well, our friends over at XDA-Forums recently ripped the APK file from the Ally, and have sent it out to the masses. It’s running EXTRMELY STABLE on my Rooted 2.1 Droid w/ Bugless Beast, as well as my wife’s non-rooted Stock 2.1 Droid. So it should work on your device.

The full-screen widget pulls your feeds from your Facebook account, as well as your Twitter account. I’m going to split this into two parts:


[Facebook Feed Stream Panel]

[Your Facebook Profile on Socialite]

[Sending a message / status update]

[Your photo gallery]


  • Easy to use widget
  • Full page widget, makes everything very visible and easy to read
  • Quickly update your status, and upload photos with the click of the button
  • Respond to messages with ease
  • Bubble message style “conversation” view of messages
  • Syncs Facebook contacts (just like official twitter client)

CONS (or Areas for Improvement):

  • Not available in Android Market, have to download via browser and manually install (not hard)
  • A little slow on the updates, not terrible, but could be improved upon
  • Displays “sent from LG SNP” on posts, personal gripe, nothing major
  • User photos are a little grainy and pixelated
  • Kinda slow on loading messages
  • Can’t DELETE messages


[Twitter home stream]

[Your twitter profile]

[Sending a tweet!]


  • Quick, easy access to your tweet stream
  • Almost instant notifications of new tweets
  • Clean UI, rivals the official App in this department
  • Syncs contact data with Twitter (just like the official app)

CONS (or Areas for Improvement):

  • Same pixelated user images as Facebook tab
  • Only one twitter account (deal breaker for some, not for me personally)
  • Displays “sent from LG SNP” on tweets. Again, minor gripe
  • Can not update profile pic

CONCLUSION: Honestly? LG Socialite for Android is a decent replacement for the default Twitter and Facebook apps. Seeing as die hard Facebook users have no real alternative to the Official Facebook App, this is a welcome change of pace. I’d still reccomend apps like Touiteur for the Twitter power user. However, there are those of us wanting a nice, clean, simple, and easy to update UI-and not clutter our precious home screen space with a bunch of widgets. For the people that don’t use Twitter an awful lot-will like this app.

Once again, you can NOT download this from the Android Marketplace. You HAVE to manually download it via the web browser.

Step-by-step installation guide:

  • Follow this path: Menu -> Settings -> Check the “Unknown Sources” box. This will allow you to install apps not from the Android Market.
  • Open up Dolphin HD (or Skyfire, or xScope, or Firefox, or the default browser even!) and go to THIS LINK
  • Follow the instructions via MegaUpload to download the APK file directly to your phone. It will save it in the pathway SDCARD/Downloads
  • Once it’s done, click on it and tap the button that says INSTALL.
  • Hit OKAY, and let it install
  • Enjoy!

So there you have it, the first app ported from the LG Ally. Will it be the last? Euh..probably, because the Ally doesn’t really offer anything unique besides Socialite, but still-it’s the thought that counts, right?

John “Pariah” Olesen is a tech pundit, wrestling pundit, film maker, writer, producer, web designer, comic book fan, and all around more awesome thank Chuck Norris. You can follow him on twitter @johnpariah. He has contibuted to,, and now Feel free to check out his personal blog, or send him a tweet. We’ll have chats!

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