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Automatic Application Licensing Fights Paid App Piracy

A huge factor in the power and success of Android is the dedicated, hardworking developers that make all of the apps we love. So, nothing is more disappointing than seeing other websites or Twitter users offering free .apk’s for paid apps. Even more frustrating is the fact that Google hasn’t given any indication that they are addressing the problem.

Finally, we have a solution from KeyesLabs (developers of top Android app Screebl) that provides developers with a way to protect their work (and income). They have just introduced their latest innovation, Automatic Application Licensing (AAL). It works by validating that the installed app was purchased from the Android Market, a remarkably easy implementation. Just as one example, KeyesLabs says that more than 70% of Screebl installs are pirated. The license will run you a one-time flat fee, but the price is minute compared to that lost from pirated versions of your app(s).

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