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Top Android Game: iMobsters

Welcome to Android one of the iPhone’s most popular games, iMobsters! Rise to the Mafia Don in one of the most massive multiplayer Android games to date!

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 784KB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Score: 4.875/5

When you start the game, you’ll choose whether you want to be a tycoon, operative, or muscle (all of which have their own specific advantages). On the home page, you’ll notice your health, energy, and stamina; these will be important to keep track of. You’ll also get information on current experience, your level, the amount of cash you have, and the size of your mob.

How to rise in the ranks:

  • Missions:
    • There are different missions for you to complete in multiple mob-run cities/buroughs.
    • Make sure you have the necessary equipment, such as energy, weapons, vehicles, etc. for each mission.
    • For each completed mission, you’ll gain experience points and cash, among other looted items.

  • Equipment:
    • Equipment gives you bonuses to your skills such as Attack and Defense, as well as helping you to fight and defend yourself.
    • Purchase weapons such as a revolver, Tommy Gun, or flamethrower.
    • Invest in protection such as a bulletproof vest, guard dog, or riot shield.
    • Buy vehicles like a Humvee, Limousine, or Maserati.

  • Real Estate
    • Invest in property such as a restaurant or night club in order to create income, which you will need to pay the upkeep of some of your more expensive items.

  • Attack
    • Attack other mobs to take their money and gain experience.
    • Check the hit list to pick up a quick bounty.
    • Each time you attack, you will use 1 of your stamina points, so pick your battles wisely.

  • Build Your Mob
    • Notice the specific code on your iMobsters homepage, that is how other people will invite you to their mob. Similarly, add others by inputting their code into the recruit page found by hitting “menu.”
    • Power is in the numbers.
  • Important hints:
    • When you’ve collected plenty of cash, bank it! When others attack you, they cannot claim banked money. However, keep in mind the bank takes a 10% commission on all deposits.
    • When your health is low, make sure to visit the hospital to get fixed up.
    • Grow your mob quickly by adding other people (with their codes).
    • Plan purchases based on what future missions will require.
    • Real estate is crucial, buy early and often.
    • Fights are won with the best items you and your mob possesses.
    • Spend skill points wisely whenever you level up!
    • Check your news feed for info about other mobsters who have attacked you and those that want to join your mob.

Download iMobsters, it’s a great game that you can come back to again and again. Also, join my mob by inviting me with the code, JQ4G3B.  If you end up playing the game, leave a comment below and let me know your username or your code, let’s build a “killer” Android mob!

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