Official Digg Android App Released!

It’s finally here!  The official Digg Android app has been released.  You can now browse and Digg stories and comments directly from the in-app browser.  You read that right, no linking to outside articles, everything is right there within the app!

The Digg team has stated that they are welcoming feedback on the newly released app and will be making more improvements in the coming weeks.  So, if you feel that the app is missing a feature you feel is crucial to your Digging ability, let them know.

A few initial reactions/ideas for improvement:

  • Add browse by Topics
  • Add ability to Share and Comment
  • Improve speed of rendering articles
Overall this app is a great start for Digg and is a promising venture, because we all know that mobile sharing of information is the future.
Access the official app below and test it out for yourself!

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April 3, 2010 Posted Under App News

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