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Fennec (Firefox) for Android in Pre-Alpha

From the blog of Vladimir Vukicevic, Fennec (Firefox) for Android has been officially released to the public in it’s “pre-alpha” stage. They’ve stated that it’s quite buggy, however they’d like to get it out to Android users for initial feedback as they continue to develop it.

A few warnings that were issued about the release:

  • Only been tested on the Motorola Droid and the Nexus One thus far.
  • Bugs might cause your phone to stop responding, requiring a reboot.
  • Memory usage hasn’t been optimized, so sluggish performance may be expected.
  • The app exits and relaunches itself on first start and after any add-on installs.
  • Can’t open links from other apps in Fennec (hopefully will be in next build).
  • Build requires Android 2.0+

Heeding any warnings given above, follow the link to try the current “pre-alpha” build of Fennec for Android. You’ll need to enable installation of non-Market apps in order to download Fennec. Also, the easiest way to install the build is by following the link in your phone’s browser. Or if you’re reading this on your computer, scan the QR code below.

Have you already tried Fennec? Given that it’s such an early build, what are your initial thoughts? Let all of us with incapable Android phones know how it’s going!

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