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Beta Test This: KnockingLive Video Android App

KnockingLive is an exciting new app that allows you to turn your Android phone into a web cam. This app brings you live mobile-to-mobile pictures and video.

I tested this app using a G1 and an iPhone 3GS. Since it is a beta on Android, there was a little bit of trouble getting the two phones to connect, but after that it was very smooth. The image updates very quickly and has a good resolution (using my G1 camera).

The current drawback is that the app doesn’t offer any audio. It’s nice to be able to share video, but the addition of audio support will take this app to the top level.

Overall, this app offers a great new way to share experiences easily between mobile devices. Try out the beta version today if you’re running Android 1.6+. So, do you see yourself using this often?

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