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Android Users Prefer Non-stock Browsers (Reader Poll Results)

Android Users Prefer Non-stock Browsers (Reader Poll Results)

In our most recent reader poll, Which Android Browser Do You Prefer?, it was clear that the stock Android Browser was the overall favorite, but wasn’t used a majority of the time.  So what does this tell us?

At the time of this post, the results look as follows:

43% of the responses were for the Stock Android Browser, while Dolphin came in second with 26% and Opera Mini in third with 19%.  xScope came in fourth cleaning up the “Other” 10% of votes.

This offers some insight into the preferences of different Android users.  The stock Android Browser offers speed and reliability, with a fairly bare-bones approach. However, options like Dolphin and Opera Mini offer a great deal of customization including tabbed browsing and great landing pages with all of your bookmarks.  Do you use your browser just for quick searches and immediate answers, or do you personalize it just the way you like it?

The majority actually prefer to use a non-stock Browser, which is a surprise since Android phones come preloaded with the “stock” browser, and it was likely the first one everyone used.  What it really shows is that Android users are eager to try additional, new apps even for the most basic functions.  Where many other devices/operating systems give you only one choice for certain functions, Android’s options are endless (resting in the hands of developers).  And of course, this is why we all love Android!

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