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T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta Officially Released

Today I received an email from T-mobile stating that their Voice Plus Beta was beginning and that I was selected to test it out.  T-mobile Voice Plus is being developed to help you manage calls and voicemail on your Android phone.

T-mobile Voice Plus Beta Features:

  • Call divert: Send certain numbers straight to voicemail.
  • Call defer: Informs callers you are busy and helps schedule a convenient time to call them back.  Send a text message to inform callers you saw their call and will respond later.
  • Visual Voicemail: View who left a voicemail, the time and length of the message, and the ability to pick and choose which messages to listen to.
  • City ID: Get information about the city and state of an incoming call.
Interestingly, the process of installing Voice Plus Beta was pretty extensive.  It involved backing up your SD card in order to reformat it, downloading a necessary boot file and going through a process reminiscent of rooting your device.  However, the step-by-step instructions provided by T-mobile were flawless, props to them! (Let’s hope there aren’t too many issues with the Beta ROM!)
Conveniently, a new tab for Voicemail has been added to the Dialer after installing this beta.  I’ll keep you updated with it’s functionality and utility as I get the chance to try it out on a daily basis.
Note: The beta is currently only for T-mobile customers who own a G1.  Check the T-mobile forums for more information.

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