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Opera Mini 5 Browser Released, Beta Test Now!

Opera Mini 5 Browser Released, Beta Test Now!

I know many of you have long been awaiting the arrival of Opera Mini for Android. Well, your initial wait is over.  You can now download and beta test the newly released Opera Mini 5 browser.  This now introduces a new challenger to the list of currently preferred Android browser apps, the native Browser and Dolphin.

Reasons you may love Opera Mini:

  1. Built for speed: Customize the websites that you like to visit most in your Start Page.
  2. Intuitive tabbed browsing: Navigate quickly and easily through multiple websites.
  3. Full webpages: Double tap to zoom in/out, see the entire page instantly.
  4. Speed dial: Access your favorite webpages with just one click.
  5. Opera link: Synchronize bookmarks and Speed dial between mobile phone and computer.

Here is a great introduction video made by Opera themselves, check it out if you’re interested!

Let me know what you think of the beta so far!  Is it better than the browser you currently use?  What do you like/dislike?

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  1. Agreed! This is awesome news. I canont wait for the public beta. Of course, I am more than happy to be a private beta (or alpha, charlie, fox, gamma you name it) tester.


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