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New Android Keyboard Option: ThickButtons (Beta)

New Android Keyboard Option: ThickButtons (Beta)

ThickButtons has just released it’s beta version for Android, offering a “smarter, easier, more accurate way to type on a touchscreen phone.”


  • ThickButtons predicts the next letters in the word you are typing, and makes those letters bigger.
  • Predicted words/letters show up after only a couple letters have been entered, making the ability to type faster possible.
  • Eases typing in portrait mode (or other small screens).
  • Similar keyboard to stock keyboard, so not much to get used to.

Possible drawbacks:

  • Since the letters actually change size after each letter you type, this can create mistypes as letters seem to “move”.
  • Words not in the dictionary (and there seem to be a good plenty) require you to type normally without any prediction capabilities, which may be frustrating.
Tell Us:
  • Scan the QR code below and test out ThickButtons!  What do you think of it as an alternative to the stock Android keyboard?  How does it compare to other options currently out there like Swype?

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  1. Please provide direct download apk file in your site since some devices (particular Tablet PC like mine) have run into downloading problems with Android Market.



    • I would like to provide an app’s apk file, however, we don’t have direct access to them. Plus, installing an apk doesn’t allow for further updates to be easily installed. For now the QR code and AppBrain links are the best way to link directly to an app in the Android Market.


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