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Top Android Game: LoveCatch

Top Android Game: LoveCatch

“Help Ai-Kun collect flying hearts before they crash on the ground and spread love over the world.”  LoveCatch is a heart-shooting game featuring “cute” graphics and gesture-based controls.  This game pairs great graphics and addictive game play.

Application: LoveCatch
Version: 1.0
Size: 616KB (+22MB data pack installed on SD-card)
Category: Games
Price: ¥350 (~$3.92)
Overall Score: 4.875/5
Graphics: 5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Indispensability: 4.5/5
LoveCatch is a fast and addictive game that brings gestures to the forefront in playability.  In order to pass levels you must shoot numbered hearts.  In order to shoot a heart, you must draw the corresponding number on the screen.  String together hearts of the same color to earn multipliers and increase your score.  There are 40 levels (not counting many bonus levels) which progressively get more difficult.  The game is built mainly to be 1P, but they’ve also added a 2P “Love Test” that might be fun to play with your significant other.
The graphics and high-quality effects are what really drew me into this game.  Vivid colors and an almost kaleidoscope-like feel really add to the overall enjoyment.  Similarly, you’ll be pleased with the themed music and sound effects that go hand-in-hand with the beautiful graphics.
Conveniently, LoveCatch offers autosave and a continue option so you can pick up a game exactly where you left off.  Also, the worldwide leaderboard adds to the competitive aspect of the game and will definitely bring you back for more.  Defend that top spot you’ve worked so hard to earn!
Important note: Upon buying this game, you’ll be prompted to download a 22MB data pack which the game runs from, so you’ll need an SD-card and the appropriate amount of space to use.
Overall, LoveCatch is innovative and addicting because of its gesture-based game play and its catchy graphics.  Give it a try!  Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on the developer, HyperDevBox, for more awesome games in the near future.

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