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Seesmic for Twitter Adds Exciting New Features

Seesmic for Twitter now brings you some exciting new features that really put it at the top for Twitter Android apps.

  • Multiple accounts
    • You can also cross-post messages with Seesmic, an awesome and innovative addition.  Now you can stay in touch with all of your followers simultaneously.
  • Saved scroll position
    • The position you last read is now saved, and new tweets are loaded above it so you’ll never miss anything.  For those who don’t really care for this feature (like myself), you can also turn this feature off.
  • Extra large text size option
  • Profile information automatically updates now
  • Ability to change your Twitter password
  • Auto-correct and auto-capitalize words
  • Notifications properly clear now
All of these new additions really help make your Twitter experience streamlined. These updates aren’t just fluff, they are extremely useful updates that you’ll be using all the time.
With this update, Seesmic once again solidifies its claim as one of (if not the) best Twitter Android app.  What do you think of these new features? Will these make you jump ship from another Twitter app?

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