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New Twitter Android App: Touiteur

New Twitter Android App: Touiteur

Please welcome Touiteur to the Twitter Android app battle!  Touiteur is developed by LevelUp Studio, the same great people who brought you FoxyRing and Beautiful Widgets.

Touiteur provides an impressive UI that is extremely functional:

  • Click on a user’s picture and be brought to their profile, including a bottom options bar that allows you to quickly message, tweet, follow, or block that user.
  • Click on a tweet to bring up a standard list of options like reply, retweet, message, and more.
  • The standard bottom bar comes with the options to check tweets, @replies, messages, search, and refresh.  All of your most used options.
You’ll also notice that you’re capable of adding multiple accounts, a prerequisite for any Twitter Android app that wants to be successful in the long run.  Standard URL shortening and picture posting abilities have been added, as well as other features you’d expect in any new Twitter app.  If you want widgets with this app though you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium addition (€1.99).
I’m a huge fan of this new release and could see Touiteur quickly joining the talk of the best Twitter Android apps.  So, have you tried Touiteur yet? What Twitter app do you usually use and how does it compare?  Comment below!
Look for a formal review soon!
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  1. Some other notes about this app that i like…

    long press on tweet to bring up links.

    Also has user color options (love this) so all your fav. peeps can have their own color associated with them and their tweets. The colors are full customized.

    Has a few fun animations like the pull down new tweet tray.

    There are a few negatives one no options on photo services options.

    Also they is no ability to view conversation threads.

    The refresh is a little slow.

    The frequency of background updates has only a minimum of 30mins which is a little odd.

    All in All i love it and know the level up studios (the Developer) will keep updating this to make it a great twitter app. This is the same developer that brings you the popular beautiful widgets

  2. Thanks for the awesome overview. I'll definitely be taking a lot of what you said into consideration when I write up the full review! :)

    Here's to hoping LevelUp Studios continues to put out awesome apps with aesthetic and functional UIs.

  3. LOL I made it in the screen shot! Thanks for the love. I'm not considering it a coincidence.

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