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Top Android App: Quick Settings

Top Android App: Quick Settings

Quick Settings is an all-in-one settings Android app that has the cleanest user interface we have seen on this type of app.  We love how polished the app looks and how extremely easy it is to change your settings; just one click!
Application: Quick Settings
Version: 1.8.5
Size: 147KB
Category: Productivity
Price: Free
Overall Score: 4.7/5
User Interface: 5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Customizability: 4/5
Originality: 4.5/5
Indispensability: 5/5

The main page of this app is very customizable, allowing you to add the settings you need to change most often while removing those you do not (Menu > Customize).  All of your settings are now located in one location and are accessed with just one click.  Everyone knows that when changing your settings (i.e. enabling WiFi or GPS), you want to get there as fast as possible.  Nothing is more frustrating than clicking through 5 pages of options to get to what you want.
Additionally, the app offers you information about the free space left on your phone as well as your SD card.  It also displays your current battery percentage if you’re worried about your phone dying too soon.  Great to have this information conveniently displayed along with your settings options.

A couple more great features of this app are located in the Menu > Preference page.  For even faster access to your own settings, you can choose to add a status bar shortcut.  You can choose an icon that is permanently displayed, or if you’re like us, you can add an icon that only shows up when you pull down the notification window.  The streamlined design really makes this app extremely user friendly.  
You can also choose the dialog appearance if you’d prefer the app to open as a pop-up window rather than launching into the full app.
Overall, Quick Settings rivals Toggle Settings because of it’s polished look, 1 click settings adjustments, and customizability.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any saved settings profiles, but this app is so easy to use it’s a moot point.  We highly suggest you try this one out!  Scan the QR code with Barcode Scanner or click the QR code (if you’re on your Android phone) for the direct link to Quick Settings in the Android Market.

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  1. This app does not seem to be on the Android market anymore. Any suggestions?

    • I’m actually not finding it through search or with the QR code either. What version of Android are you running Karl? I’ve got a 1.6 Android, although I don’t suspect the app was changed to only support 2.0+

  2. Ditto…

    It’s disappeared.
    [G1 – 1.6]

    • Hey guys,

      You’re right, I don’t see it anymore either. This has happened before usually when it’s being updated, so hopefully it’ll be available again soon!

  3. I found it today with no problem (LG Ally with 2.1). From what I have seen I like it a lot!

  4. I found it today on the Android Market (VZN Incredible). This app is really very slick and all in one. Super nice and allowed me to dump a bunch of separate apps because all this is one click.


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