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Top 10 Reader Used Apps (Results Follow Up)

I wanted to do a follow-up to the post ‘My Fav 5 Apps, Now Give Me Yours!‘ and share the results of the apps that you, the readers, use most.

Here are the results (with the number of times it was included in one of your top 5 lists):

Twitter Apps:

  • Seesmic (7) - Powerful full-feature Twitter client with a fine user interface (free).
  • Twidroid (6) – Another very clean full-featured Twitter client (free).

RSS Reader:

  • NewsRob (5) – Streamlined RSS feed aggregator that dual-syncs with Google Reader (free)

Settings and File/App Managers:

  • Quick Settings (4) – Beautiful settings app with one easy to use consolidated page (free).
  • Advanced Task Manager (4) – Control all of your running apps and a whole lot more ($0.99).
  • Advanced Task Killer (3) – Similar to Advanced Task Manager ($4.99).
  • Astro File Manager (3) – Cleanup and organize your SD card and backup applications (free).

Text Messaging Apps:

  • Handcent SMS (4) – Alternative SMS app for added tools, customizations, styles (free).
  • SMS Popup (3) – In-depth customization of SMS/MMS notifications, including popup dialog (free).


  • Pandora (3) – Personalized radio based on the artists/songs/genres you like.

If you didn’t get a chance to share the top 5 apps that you use the most, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.  Thanks again to everyone that responded and shared their apps with us!

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