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Poll: Paid Android Apps, How Much?

Poll: Paid Android Apps, How Much?

In an (arguably) ideal world, we’d all get apps for free.  However, developers work very hard to produce some extremely useful apps.  Also, many developers provide free apps and then let you donate for their efforts. D2B365UM27Q2

So, we have a new user poll to gauge how much we’ve all spent on paid Android Apps.  I expect to see some extremes (i.e. $0.00 and $30.00+) but for most of the votes to fall somewhere in between.  But who knows, that’s why the poll is up!
Vote below and include all payments, donations, etc. in your total.  If you’d like to add a list of which paid apps you’ve purchased, leave a comment! Please share the poll so we can reach a relevant number of votes.

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  1. @TruthSeeker Definitely looks like the $30.00+ option is growing in votes now. Might have underestimated the buying power of some Android users.

    Interestingly, the $0.00 has the same number of votes at this point in time. The two extremes are coming in strong.

  2. What also needs to be taken into consideration is that the quality of apps just haven't been there until; I would say; the past two months and also the paid option has been slow in coming to all regions.

    There are now available some superb apps at reasonable prices, I for one will be spending more as time goes by.

    One thing I must say is that until the install to SD option comes out then Android users are limited at the moment as to how many you can install anyway.

  3. @Smith922 Definitely, all points very valid. I think the limited space on most Android phones is the real limiting factor at the moment. Like you said, once the ability to install apps on the SD card comes to fruition, you'll see a much larger amount of money being spent on apps. It's tough to justify buying a lot of apps if you can't have them all installed at the same time.

  4. This is why i dont pay for my android apps

    But i would pay for android apps if you made it a lot easier to pay for apps as i dont fancy putting my bank details into the htc hero ota as where can it go before you get it.

    so if you make it easier to pay for apps online or through google checkout or some other way to pay for apps then this would be a great idea

    thanks for all your help in advance.

    In addition to this i think you should make the apps free but maybe make them limited unless you pay for an upgrade after so long.

    say about three months or something like that but make it easier to pay for said items thanks


  5. Ian, you can't use Google Checkout? I've been using my Checkout account to pay for apps for my droid since I got it. I've never once had to enter payment info from my phone. When installing a pay app it just pops up a quick Google Checkout pay confirmation screen.

    You should look into that. Check if your Google Checkout account is in the same Google account that you use to sync with your phone.

  6. I pay for apps ALL the time! Twidroid pro, documents to go, Advanced task manager, just bought where's my car.

    I put my app at only .99 cents. Because I really think people planning their own events will find it usefull.

    So far Where's my car is more cool idea than practical. maybe bc I haven't forgotten where I parked since I downloaded it. hmm maybe it is working Ha!

  7. At the anonymous in Australia; paid apps are available, but your service-provider may be blocking them (Optus.) There are workarounds or change provides.

  8. Sendai,
    Optus blocks paid apps? Wow, amazing that's still the case if true. I'm with Three (paid apps have been available for ages now), and didn't even think other carriers might block them.

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