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My Fav 5 Apps, Now Give Me Yours!

We’ve decided to put up this article to hear from you about the 5 Android apps you use most.

  • Share a list and why each app is so valuable
  • Discover new apps that others have shared

Note: You can ignore the most obvious apps like Android Market, Messaging, and Gmail.

To start it off, here’s our list:

  1. Seesmic – My personal favorite Twitter app.  Keeps me in touch with all of you!
  2. NewsRob – Great RSS feed reader with plenty of customization options. So many Android blogs to keep up with, this app gets a lot of use.
  3. Pandora – Personalized radio on your Android phone, doesn’t get better than that.
  4. Quick Settings – All of my settings in one easy place with a beautiful UI; a must have app.
  5. Advanced Task Manager – Keeping tabs on all running apps on my phone. Helps preserve battery life and the performance of your phone.

Now it’s your turn to share your 5 favorite apps in the comment section below. Your comments will make this a great resource for all Android users, new and old alike.


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  1. 1. 3banana – When I first got my G1 I wanted something like Evernote and this was like an Android exclusive.

    2. EasyMoney – Helps keep me in the black. Now you can capture a receipt via camera.

    3. Swift – It's just so…swift. And afaik it was the first client with the 'jump to top' feature. Good for me because I like to see what I've missed.

    4. SnapTell – I like going to the bookstore and this app has helped me save money. I like the option to take a pic of the book cover *and* you can share/mail the list of stuff you've scanned.

    5. Screebl – Anything to save battery is A-Ok in my book.

  2. @rmx2012 EasyMoney sounds really interesting, I haven't tried that one out yet but sounds like I need to. The other 4 you listed are top notch, classic apps as well. Can't go wrong with those.

  3. 1. Smooth Calendar Widget – My Google Cal is my diary, so cannot do without this.
    2. SMS Scheduler – I often remember at some un-godly hour that I need to text someone, and this was the best app I found to time my SMS to a more sociable hour. This is free, though I was also ready to pay for an app like this.
    3. Titanium Backup – saves a lot of time when re-installing apps.
    4. Quick Settings – Especially useful to set different sound settings, amongst others.
    5. Timeriffic – Another must-have for me. You can set “profiles” for sound (notif, alarm, media, ringer), screen brightness. Two massive plus points are that developer response in case of difficulty is very quick, and the app is free!
    6. 3G Watchdog – In my country, mobile data is still quite expensive. The best package I got costs Eur6 for 60MB/mth, so I needed to find a way to spread out my 3G consumption. This app is fantastic, as the usage reports are great, and you can also set an alarm when you reach a quota set by you.

    I know I should have stuck to 5, but I couldn’t leave out any one of these!

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