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Poll: Most Used Twitter Android App?

Poll: Most Used Twitter Android App?

We wanted to conduct a very simple poll to get a feeling for what Twitter Android app our readers use the most.  The specific choices are based off of our Top 5 Twitter apps for Android post, with the additional option of Other.  If you select Other, leave us a comment (on this page) with what app you use and why.  Well for that matter, whichever Twitter app you use, let us know why.  We love to hear from our readers and get a feeling for what type/style of Android apps you prefer.

Disclaimer: This user poll is conducted only to spur discussion about the best Twitter Android apps and should not be perceived as a statistically relevant representation of the entire Android community nor the Android Market as a whole. Enjoy!

What Twitter Android App do you use more often?
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  1. Did you ever get the results of this poll?

  2. You can view the totals for each app, but I never summed them up in an additional post because the results were skewed to some degree because @Seesmic RT'd the poll on Twitter whereas Twidroid and Swift did not. I'll be looking into running a similar poll but with the newer (and more popular) Twitter apps like TweetCaster and Twicca.

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