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Introducing Google’s "Near Me Now" Feature

Google has just announced their latest addition, the “Near Me Now” feature.  Currently it is only available to Android (2.0.1+) and iPhone users.  The “Near Me Now” feature offers you extremely quick access to search results based on your GPS location.

This addition makes searching for places in your immediate vicinity almost instant.  The YouTube video below shows how the new feature would be used to determine whether or not a restaurant would be good to try.  Because your phone knows your location, the “Near Me Now” feature can quickly provide you with reviews and information on the place right in front of you.  This is similar to Google Maps “We’re a Favorite Location” stickers that are posted in business windows to allow people easy access to their information by just scanning a QR code.  Now Google has taken this to the next level and cut out the intermediate steps.  Just a couple clicks and you have the information you were after in the first place.  This feature will get endless use I’m sure of it.

Do you think this feature will have implications for apps like Sherpa that find nearby shops/restaurants/etc.?  The “Near Me Now” feature seems more pinpointed to your immediate position, so it might not replace dedicated apps that offer more search power for larger areas.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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