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How to Make Customized Ringtones, Notifications, Alarms

How to Make Customized Ringtones, Notifications, Alarms

Have you wondered how to apply specific songs or sounds as ringtones/notifications/alarms on your Android phone?  Read through our full tutorial to find out how.


The easiest way to customize your own ringtones is by downloading and using the app Ringdroid.  Here is our full review of Ringdroid including instructions and the QR code to find it in the Android Market.  This app will let you edit song files (MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR) that you have copied to your SD card (or purchased from Amazon MP3).

How to copy songs to your SD card:

  1. Plug in your Android phone to your computer using your USB cable
  2. Mount your SD card by turning on ‘USB storage’ from the drop down notification bar on your Android phone.  
  3. Copy music/sound files to the Music folder.
When you are done editing a song in Ringdroid, you can save the file and apply it as your ringtone.  The newly created ringtone will be stored on your SD card in the media/audio/ringtones folder.  Furthermore, add any song/sound file into this folder to have it as an option for your ringtone.
Creating customized notifications is similar to the ringtones section, however, you must save the files you want to be considered notifications in the media/audio/notifications folder.  Again, you can use Ringdroid to create notifications, however, you might want to make these much shorter than a standard ringtone.
If you already have sound/song files that you’d like to use as notifications, simply copy them to the folder on your SD card specified above.
Again, similar to the ringtones/notifications sections, copy any song/sound file to the media/audio/alarms folder on your SD card to create custom alarms.
Ringtone App:
If you’d rather not create customized ringtones/notifications but just browse and download ones that have already been created, check out the app Ringtones by Mabilo.  Thanks to @dps2002 for pointing this one out for me and getting me the Super Mario Bros. theme; nothing can beat that as a ringtone!
So tell us, what is your current default ringtone?  Mine is Super Mario Bros. at the moment :-p

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