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Twitter Android App News: Seesmic Updated

Today, Seesmic was updated to its latest version (v1.1) which includes advanced search options as well as information on lists.  Seesmic is currently rated our 3rd best Twitter app for Android (behind Twidroid and Swift), but if these updates keep coming that might just change.  Here is our original app review for Seesmic if you’re looking for a new Twitter app option.

The new search options can be accessed through the menu button.  You now have the ability to search all of Twitter, trending topics, and specific users.  I’ve tested this feature out on all three tabs and it is extremely fast and accurate.  All three search options are located on one page with one search box for all three.  Talk about incredibly user friendly.  Well done Seesmic!

Similarly, the app now offers you access to the lists that you currently follow as well as those that are following you.  Again, this can be accessed through the menu button and both are located on the same page.  Awesome.

All of the new options are well integrated and make Seesmic even that much better.  Adding these functions has really increased my use of Seesmic over Swift (as the Twitter account I use after Twidroid).  With these new features I highly recommend you try Seesmic.  Let us know what you think.

Here is the QR code if you’d like to download Seesmic and give it a try.

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