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Top Android App: Barcode Scanner

Top Android App: Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner is an extremely useful app offered in the Android Market which allows you to scan both 1D and QR codes to look up products and other important information alike.

Application: Barcode Scanner

Version: 3.01
Size: 302KB
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Overall Score: 4.7/5
User Interface: 4.5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Customizability: 4/5
Originality: 5/5
Indispensability: 5/5
I realized I have been putting QR codes at the end of each of my reviews so that you can quickly find apps in the Android Market, and yet I haven’t officially reviewed the best app to do that, Barcode Scanner.
When you open up this app, you are immediately in scan mode.  Simply line up the barcode you wish to scan with the red line, allow the camera to focus to the code, and voila your code will be read.  It is really as easy as that.  There is minimal time between opening the app on your phone and finding results.
When your scan is recognized, Barcode Scanner will give you the option of either doing a product search (this uses Google’s shopping tab) or web search (this searches the UPC code in Google).  Usually I like to perform the product search because I find it to be more accurate.
A really awesome feature of this app is that it can scan QR codes (2D codes).  QR codes are the square codes that you see at the end of each of my reviews which link you directly to the app in the Android Market.  Similarly, you can share your own QR codes with other Android users with this app.  You can share contact information, a bookmark you have saved, calendar events, or something copied on your clipboard.  When you select one of these options and the data you want to share, Barcode Scanner will create a unique QR code so that someone else can scan it and quickly have exactly what you wanted to share.  This greatly reduces the time and effort you might normally take to share information.  It also removes the chance that there will be an error in the data transfer process.
Barcode scanner also saves a history of the items you have searched for so that you can quickly access them at a later time.
Additionally, Barcode scanner has a special option when you scan a book’s UPC.  First, it automatically recognizes the code as a book and then allows you to either do a product search, a book search, or search the contents of the book.  The “book search” brings up the book in Google Books which will show you an overview, book ratings, prices/links to purchase the book, etc.  The “search contents of the book” allows you to look for particular words within the book and where they occur, however, the book must be searchable for this particular feature to work.
Overall, Barcode Scanner is an essential app on Android.  It offers you extensive ability to look up products and share information in a split second.  If you have an Android phone you need this app.

I know this is kind of a catch 22, but here is the barcode for the direct link to Barcode Scanner in the Android Market.

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  1. I am looking for a scan app een if I have to pay for it. I want to scan something and it will find it within my area code or like 15 mile radius of where i am i can compare prices or go to the nearest store to buy it..(that is what ever it is I;m scanning) Is there such a program please help me out ..what a blast if it gave you directions hon how to get there from where you are at at any given time.

    • Hi Vincent,

      Try Shopsavvy for the scanning app you are looking for. It will give you prices for nearby stores based on your location as well as the best prices online. If you’re a big Amazon shopper, their app also has the ability to scan items and search for them on Hope this helps!

  2. I want to use this application, but have it search my database to pull a product that goes with the item scanned.

  3. So I’m assuming this article is referring to a specific product for barcode scanning. Can anyone shed some light on who the manufacturuer of said product is?


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