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Top 5 Free Android Twitter Apps

There is often a large amount of debate over the best Twitter app for Android.  Here we provide the top 5 list, in order, that you should consider.  The rankings were based on user interface, ease of user, features and options, and speed/accuracy of updates and notification.

We’d suggest you download all 5 of these Twitter apps from the Android Market and test them yourself to see which one fits your specific needs the best.  Let us know which one you prefer and your rankings of the top 3 or 5 if you’ve already used many of these.  We always like to hear from our readers.

1. Twidroid

Top Twitter app on Android is Twidroid

Twidroid has been a reliable and impressive Twitter app for quite awhile now and we feel that it is still the best Twitter app offered in the Android Market.


  • Great user interface, robust app
  • Easily accessible tabs and tweet option embedded
  • Quick access to all features you’d use from a tweet (i.e. reply, RT, follow link, etc.)
  • Consistent updates from developer to improve the app
  • Heavy on system resources
2. Swift App for Twitter

Swift is the self proclaimed “damn best Twitter app for Android.”  It definitely is one of the best currently offered and you might even prefer it over Twidroid.  It’s speed and consistency get this app its high praise.
  • Updates to your Twitter feed are constantly made, making your experience truly real-time
  • Swift opens links within the app for quick access and backtracking
  • Gives full URLs/article titles for shortened links when you select a tweet
  • Tweets you make are offset in the Twitter feed for easy finding
  • More clicks needed (compared to Twidroid) to access certain features

Seesmic’s beauty comes in its simplicity and ease of use.  The user interface is as intuitive as they come, with your most used tabs right there where you need them in one-click.
  • Attractive user interface with your most used Twitter needs available in one-click
  • Refresh button right above your Twitter feed for one-click access to updated tweets
  • Features like URL shortening, YouTube account, and photo service built into the app
  • Longer loading times for new tweets
  • Some issues with app force closing
4. Twigee for Twitter

Twigee is another clean and quick Twitter app that offers many of the functions you’d come to expect.
  • One-click access from a tweet to all the important features (reply, RT, etc.)
  • Different colors used for your own tweets for easy finding
  • Notifications of read vs. unread tweets within your Twitter feed
  • Multiple Twitter accounts in one free app
  • Profile pages could use an updated, more friendly UI
5. TwitterRide
TwitterRide is an extremely simple and fast Twitter client.  If you’re looking for efficiency and not a whole lot of extra flare, this might be the Twitter app for you.
  • Automatic updates of tweets for truly real-time experience
  • Long press tweet to quickly @reply
  • Simple, clean, speedy user interface
  • Some difficulty with on-screen clicking to open feature options like Profile and Retweet
  • Same simple, clean, speedy UI may be a drawback for some users (not very attractive)
Hopefully this top 5 list will help you determine which Android Twitter app is best for you.  Let us know which one you decide upon!

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