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T-mobile Top Picks Brands the Android Market, Good or Bad?

T-mobile Top Picks Brands the Android Market, Good or Bad?

Today we found out that T-mobile is introducing the Top Picks section of the Android Market.  When you open the Android Market, you’ll still find the sections “Apps” and “Games” to select, but you won’t find “Downloads.” Instead, this is being replaced by “T-mobile” as the update rolls out.  (Note: to access the “Downloads” section, hit menu).  When you select “T-mobile” you will get the Android apps that are recommended by T-mobile.  This is similar to the App Pack that was released with the MyTouch3G but instead of being an app that contains apps within it, now you have an entire spot dedicated to T-mobile’s recommendations. The Android Market won’t be updated immediately for all users and I’m sure it’ll take some time for everyone to see the changes.

I have a couple of concerns about this new Android Market update.  For one, the “Downloads” tab is my most often used tab as I look for apps that I have already downloaded to my phone.  Second, what doors does this open for other mobile carriers like Verizon to bring on their own branding and alter the Android Market how they like it.  Where does this branding stop?  Is this creating a slippery slope where each carrier will now work to add their own flare and opinions in the Android Market?

I am also wondering how other users are feeling about this and where they think changes like this are headed?  Does this add functionality and appeal to the Android Market, or does it detract from it?

Here is an image of what the new Android Market will look like for T-mobile.

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