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Google Real Time Search on Android

Google Real Time Search on Android
One of Google’s new features is Google Real Time search and it is now available on Android!
In order to access this feature, simply enter a Google search as you normally would either in the browser on the Google widget itself.
Next, in the top right corner, click Updates.  Now you will receive real-time search results on your item including those from Twitter and other sources.
Amazing enough, the real-time list of results updates itself every few seconds!  I tested this out by searching for one of the trending topics on Twitter.  So many results and they would completely refresh in what seemed like continuous fashion.
Apparently this is being rolled out still so if you don’t see it yet, be patient.  Also, this is available on your standard browser (tested with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).
This feature has huge implications as now you can instantly be updated on things that are going on right now, right around you (and you can do this on the go).  It’s extremely easy to find these answers, as you would expect from a new release like this from Google.
Here is a video showcasing the new feature set to some dramatic music.  Enjoy!

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