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Google Maps: We’re A Favorite Place Stickers

I was excited to see the first Google sticker in a storefront window today.  Earlier, Google distributed 100,000 stickers to the most popular businesses in Google’s Local Business Center.  With this they are now targeting the more localized ad market by putting ads directly in storefront windows.  Now you’ll know what to expect before stepping foot inside.

When you scan the QR code you can look up the Google listing for that restaurant, business, etc. and get all the pertinent information then and there.  This new campaign is what the smartphone and mobile browsing are all about; getting location based information on the go without the use of a normal computer.  Also, Google says the QR codes should be compatible with Android, Iphones, and BlackBerrys.
If you’ve found one of these stickers or used it before to make a decision, share it with us!

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