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Facebook for Android Update: Android App News

Facebook for Android has just been updated to version 1.1.2 today and brings some much needed app integration and functionality.

For awhile now, Facebook for Android was nice for reading the feed of all your friends’ updates, but not much more.  If you wanted to view pictures or use some of the other features of Facebook you’d be kicked to their mobile site.  This was frustrating, annoying, and drove me away from the app completely.

With the new update, you are now able to view your friends profiles and albums/pictures directly from the app without exiting to the Browser.  So much better!  These functionalities should have been included in the original release of Facebook for Android (obviously) but it’s nice to have them now.

Browsing from one picture to the next is much easier now that it is all built into the app.  Facebook has also made it very easy to leave a comment on the pictures you are viewing.  Similarly, uploading pictures from the gallery or camera on your Android phone directly is a great improvement to this app.

While these are only a couple of the features we’ve been waiting for, there are more we’re still waiting for.  There still isn’t support for Messages/Inbox or Events in the app but hopefully they will be added soon.  This update is a reassuring note that Facebook for Android is still being worked on and improved.  Let’s hope for more updates in the near future.

Tell us: Will you be more likely to download and use the Facebook app now that it has had some functionality added to it?

UPDATE:  It looks like the added functionality of albums/pictures is only when you access a friend’s profile directly.  If you click on a picture in your news feed you will still be taken to the mobile website in the Browser.

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