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Android App News: Google Goggles

Android App News: Google Goggles

CNBC is running a special called “Inside the Mind of Google” that will be aired multiple times in December.  An exciting part of the show is the fact that Google has opened the blinds to one of their newest endeavors, Google Goggles.  This latest service will allow you to take a picture of a place or thing and instantly get a Google search for it.

A lot like PlinkArt does with artwork, Google Goggles will allow you to instantly look up information even if you don’t really know what you’re looking at.  This would be extremely useful on a vacation to a completely new city or country.  Simply take a picture of what you see and quickly have information and history about what’s in front of you.

Now, this service has not been officially released and I’m not sure when it will be, but I’m definitely looking forward to how useful it could be.

Here is a brief portion of the ”Inside the Mind of Google” show that has been posted on YouTube.

Also, here is a list of future runtimes for the show on CNBC as well:

Saturday, December 5th  7p ET
Sunday, December 6th  10p ET
Thursday, December 10th  8p | 1a ET
Thursday, December 24th  4p | 8p ET
Friday, December 25th  Midnight ET

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